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PGPC Celebrates Third Anniversary

CHANTILLY, VA- April 24, 2018. Launched in May of 2015, PGPC, LLC. continues to provide industry-leading proposal consulting services to both large and small federal contracting businesses throughout the U.S. accomplishments as they celebrate their third anniversary...

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PGPC Launches Third-Party Vendor Sealed Submission Services

CHANTILLY, VA- February, 28, 2018. You depend on your teammates to scrutinize the Request For Proposal (RFP) and adhere to the stated requirements to avoid disqualification. But how can you be sure your teammates are compliant? Due to the nature of submissions, sealed...

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PGPC, LLC Launches IDIQ Program Management Office

CHANTILLY, VA, January, 15, 2018. Companies of all sizes pursue and win IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quality) Contracts, only to realize after contract award that they lack the dedicated resources to effectively pursue the resultingTask Orders (TOs). While...

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