CHANTILLY, VA, May 20, 2016. PGPC, LLC., a federal contracting proposal consulting provider, is excited to celebrate their first anniversary amidst a rapidly growing roster of signed clients. PGPC prides itself on developing and executing proposal processes that enable the best possible position to win opportunities, and is committed to enabling the success of its clients.

“We would like to expressly thank our clients for the successes that PGPC has achieved in the past 12 months,” said Patricia Gorgone, CEO of PGPC, LLC. “Our clients’ success is, and will continue to be, our success. This milestone reiterates PGPC’s commitment to continued innovation, and to the future of the company, our clients, contractors, and the industry. Looking ahead, I am very excited and proud to be driving the PGPC team.”

With over 25 years in the industry, working with large and small Government contracting firms as well as commercial companies, Gorgone knows what clients expect, and has assembled a top-notch team dedicated to providing the expertise required for winning proposal efforts.  Throughout this first year, PGPC has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to match the best resource to each client.  For example, each PGPC technical writer has a variety of topic specializations, allowing them to provide both technical acumen and strategic positioning aimed at a client’s potential business targets.  Additionally, by outsourcing proposal needs to PGPC, businesses can focus on their business objectives, resulting in a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.

PGPC exemplifies thoroughness to detail, and has an acute level of awareness that makes every asset a critical differentiator,” states Lori Frantzve, CEO & President, AZ Tech. “is a privilege and honor to know that PGPC is there to support us in our proposal efforts, big or small. Congratulations on reaching this anniversary and thank you for the expert capability that makes the difference between hope and a win!”

“Working with PGPC has allowed our team to focus on executing our business strategy and increasing our value proposition to our clients,” stated Robin Appia, President and CEO, ESI. “PGPC enables us to deliver high quality solutions, while helping us to position future company efforts.”

As PGPC strides into their sophomore year, they look forward to offering expanded solutions that help small businesses build their foundations and prepare them to graduate smoothly into upper status tiers, as well as facilitating resource allocation for strategic growth in larger enterprise client environments.

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To see how PGPC can assist your company, please contact Pat Gorgone at [email protected]