Third Party Sealed Submission Services

Need a Sealed Package for Submission? PGPC Helps you Submit with Confidence!

Do you dread submitting sealed packages from your teammates? Due to the nature of submissions, sealed packages can be an area of anxiety for any Prime, removing your ability to ensure compliance and exposing you to risk if your teammate doesn’t provide the correct data.

You can provide teammates with detailed instructions, but at the end of the day, you depend on them to scrutinize the Request For Proposal (RFP) and adhere to the stated requirements to avoid disqualification. But how can you be sure your teammates are compliant? Unfortunately, it’s all too common for the the Government to ask for additional information or simply disqualifies you outright due to incorrect or improperly formatted sealed submissions.

Don’t sweat sealed submissions! PGPC acts as a neutral third party to accept and vet teammate submissions prior to package close. By leveraging the PGPC team to manage your sealed submissions, you can rest easy knowing that PGPC will:

  • Develop specific instructions based on the RFP for teammates to gather and submit their information
  • Review submitted packages prior to sealing to ensure completeness and compliance
  • Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements with teammates to act as a neutral third party

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