Proposal Management Bootcamps

Need to ramp up or standardize your Proposal processes? PGPC Proposal Management Bootcamps deliver training that aligns and powers winning Proposals!

Due to current CDC guidelines and directives from the Governor of Virginia due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, in-person PGPC Proposal Boot Camps are on hold. These classes will resume as soon as it is safely possible.

Tele-training is available for all classes! Please send us an email or call us at 703-674-7685 for more information. We can work with you to determine the best training delivery channel (video conferencing, Zoom, etc.) to meet your training requirements. 

Proposal Teams face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. How they respond is largely based on their past expertise, as well as their current direction. This can often result in knowledge gaps throughout the team that aren’t identified until it is often too late to correct.

Does your Proposal Team need a reboot? Set your Proposal Team up for success with PGPC Proposal Management Bootcamps! PGPC Proposal Management Bootcamps deliver the right knowledge, to the right members of your Proposal Team, resulting in an expert and cohesive proposal effort.

Just getting starting with standing up your Proposal Team? PGPC Proposal Management Bootcamps provides standardized and specific training for every step of the proposal development process, giving your team a solid foundation from which to deliver powerful proposal responses.

Calendar of Classes
Classes will be added as they are scheduled. Please check back soon!
PGPC Proposal Bootcamps: (click to expand each class description)
Roles & Responsibilities
A great starter class, this course details ”who does what” throughout the proposal process. Ideal for Contracts, BD/Capture, Pricing, and Proposal Staff. (5 hours)
Proposal Manager Training
Successfully managing tasks and staff can mean the difference between good and GREAT. This course dives into effective proposal management strategies. Ideal for Proposal Managers. (7 hours)
BD/Capture Manager/Gate Review
Understanding the competitive landscape can effectively inform and drive the positioning of a winning response. Ideal for BD/Capture Staff.(4 hours)
Writer Training
Everyone has their own writing style! This course helps align the writers on your team helping them to understand the goals of writing to proposal requirements while implementing selected win themes. (3 hours)
Color Review Training
Are proposal efforts a mad dash at the last minute? This course defines the goals of each color review and provides strategies for keeping your effort on course. Ideal for RFP Response Reviewers. (3 hours)
Orals Coaching

Deliver a confident Orals presentation that maximizes your win probability!

Offered in-person or virtually, our experts walk you through crafting and presenting a compelling and memorable presentation. (2-3 hours)


Contracts and Pricing
Designed to help small and large businesses understand essential contracts and pricing concepts necessary to support a dynamic proposal team.  You will understand the fundamentals needed to develop a price-to-win strategy and deliver a competitive and balanced proposal that takes into consideration factors such as cost, schedule, performance, staffing, and contractual risks.  Aspects that contracts needs to address for all proposal effort and help Business Develop/Capture Managers with potential teammates. Ideal for Leadership, Contracts, Business Developers, and Capture Staff. (5-7 hours)
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