CHANTILLY, VA, January, 15, 2018. Companies of all sizes pursue and win IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quality) Contracts, only to realize after contract award that they lack the dedicated resources to effectively pursue the resultingTask Orders (TOs). While winning an IDIQ often requires a massive capture effort involving both time and money, Return on Investment (ROI) isn’t achieved without the successful award of the many TOs released after initial contract award. Additionally, these TOs usually require a highly impactful and  quick response to result in actual IDIQ revenue achievement.

PGPC recognizes the difficulties for small businesses to stand up a IDIQ TO Program Management Office (PMO) and now offers to our clients a IDIQ TO PMO to help drive ROI on a company’s potentially lucrative stable of IDIQs.

Let our experienced team help your team by leveraging our expertise in TO response activities while alleviating your team from this often unpredictable workload. PGPC works with you and your subcontractors to respond effectively and fast.

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