Responsible for assigned sections and the Authors/Writers (lead/support). MUST fully understand the entire solicitation and be proficient in its expectations, and especially his/her assigned section(s). The Book Boss/Volume Lead will:

  • Attend Book Boss/Volume Lead meetings and provide: (1) Status of his/her groups writing; (2) Risks, issues, and support needed; (3) Status of graphics; and (4) Issues with Authors/Writers.
  • Provide his/her lead and support Authors/Writers instructions on what he/she expects from them related to writing assignments, and schedules/due dates.
  • Check in with his/her lead/support writers to query the status of their work.
  • Review the writing and make suggestions. Combine all writing together into one document for his/her section, and clean up content to make sure it is solicitation compliant.
  • Remain present after the Red Review serving as the single point of contact (POC) as Authors/Writers will be dismissed to assist with recovery and answer questions the Capture Manager, Deputy Capture Manager, and/or Proposal Manager may have about his/her assigned section(s).
  • Make sure assigned sections are compliant, complete, sensible, and sellable so the Agency/customer will want to hire us.